About me

So... my name is Shay Friedman. I'm years old (this is automatically calculated by js! yay!) and I live with my beautiful wife, Chen, in Israel.

I'm a passionate developer - I love learning new stuff, try out the pre-alpha versions and be on the cutting edge of technology. I prefer web development - this is where I feel at home.
I also love teaching - whether it's a session in a conference or a training course. One of the best feelings in the world is watching students learn and implement what you've thought them.

Some achievements from my career:

Big hobby of mine is sports - especially gym and basketball. Can't understand baseball, though. Really, I've tried.... still I find it boring. Sorry...

I try to play the guitar, but find it really hard. Those of you who can play the complicated songs - I envy you!

And last but not least - beer. Oh yes. Give it to me. Give me lots of it. ALL THE TIME.

Enjoy my blog! :)